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Head office address : 1-13-6 Higashi kanamachi, Katsushika ward Tokyo
Tel : 81-3-3607-7078
Fax : 81-3-3607-7037
URL  http://www.sanou.co.jp
Customer support   webmaster@sanou.co.jp

 Picture of our offices
* Head Office -Tokyo-
* Misato Logistics Center
* Seoul Office

Concept and Business Activities (by Mr. Katsuyuki Tanino, President)

  Sweets have the power of dreams and kindness.
  We at Sanou Shoukai Co.,ltd. is a Japanese general trading company dealing with confectionary, beverage, processed food and ingredients, with the history for more than 70 years. We have a wide selection of products that covers ordinary to most unique items from manufacturers that exist throughout Japan to meet every possible need. And we sell it to retailers, wholesalers, and trading company both domestically and abroad.

  We supply merchandise that connects consumers to our many products producers out there. We believe we have an important role as an intermediate distribution: Specialized producer who can cultivate the availability, training of private brand, development of new confectionary plans, import, export and its distribution, etc. We are to conduct business activities for all customers. Growth of Confectionary and food industry makes the life richer, fuller and more meaningful. For that, Sanou is on a constant mission to spread the thoughts inside and outside of Japan.

  Sweets have the power of dreams and kindness. Sweets bring a smile to person of all ages. We are very proud of the fact to be able to deal in this sort of business.

  We believe confectionary brings a warm and happy life to every employees, client and individual consumers.

Home to our company : 3-24-19, Nishi-azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Head Office : 1-13-6, Higashi-kanamachi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-8526
Phone03-3607-7078 Fax03-3607-7037

(from abroad,
Phone:81-3-3607-7078 Fax81-3-3607-7037)

Beijing (CHINA) OFFICE: 4-4-2005, Dongbai Road,SHIDAI GUOJI,Chao Yang District, Beijing CHINA
Misato Logistics Center : 1-293-1, Bansyoumen, Misato-shi, Saitama 340-0056
Phone:048-949-1161, Fax:048-949-1162
Tokiwadaira Logistics Center : Sanou syoukai within Kazama unsou tokiwadaira butsuryu center
143-7 Kanegasaku Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2251
Phone : 047-394-5500 Fax : 047-394-5504
Higashi Osaka branch office : 5-2-8, Iwata-cho Osaka-shi, Osaka 578-0941
Daitoh branch office : 1-13-11, Hokujoh Daitoh-shi, Osaka 574-0011
Niigata branch office : 2-9-14, Minami-Honchou, Mitsuke-ShiNiigata 954-0056
Yamagata branch office : 448 Ooaza Nakano, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata 990-0892
Aomori branch office : 2-9-15, Hotaruzawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0957
Miyazaki branch office : 4479-1 Yunokida-chou, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
Shizuoka branch office : 12-33 Shimono-nishi Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 424-0012

Capital: 60(sixty) million yen
Bank: Mizuho Bank Ltd., Katsushika branch
Mitsubishi UFJa Bank Ltd., Kameari branch
President: Mr. Katsuyuki Tanino
Number of employee: 84(male39 female45)
Distribution: Number of business cars :21 Number of trucks : 4
Related transportation company:

Seino Unyu, Meitetsu Unyu, Nippon Unyu,Dai-Ichi Kamotsu, Miyago-Kamotsu, etc…..

Numbers of customers: 1800
Breakdown of customers: wholesaler 40%

Chain-Store 40%

Export 15%
Confectionery shop 5%
Numbers of Suppliers: 700 and over

mainly all specialized

Nov, 1939 Established under the name of "SANOU-DOU" in Takecho,
Taito-ku, Tokyo by Mr.Teiji Tanino.
Dec, 1941 Closed temporary due to World WarⅡ
Aug, 1952 Resumed its operation at Okachimachi, Taito-Ku, as specialized
wholesaler supplying confectionery to the local area.
Aug, 1953 Altered to "Limited-Liability Company, SANOU SHOKAI".
Capital of 3(Three) million Yen.
July, 1956 Altered to "Joint-Stock Company, SANOU SHOKAI".
Capital of 5(Five) million Yen.
Jan, 1971 Opened Business Dept. in Minami-mizumoto, Katsushika-ku.
July, 1975 Increased capital to 15(fifteen) million Yen.
Feb, 1978 Mr. Teiji Tanino, President, resigned.
Mr. Eiji Tanino took up post of President.
Dec, 1982 Built Head Office Bldg., "SANOU YUSHIMA BIRU" (6F).
Jun, 1983 Built Katsushika Business-Dept. Bldg.,
Apr, 1984 Established subsidiary company named "YUMENO AJI"
for the purpose of Research &Development for new commodities.
Mar, 1990 Opened office in Okinawa.
July, 1991 Opened office in Nagoya.
Aug,1991 Started export business to Taiwan.
Mar, 1992 Opened office in Osaka.
Nov, 1994 Extended Katsushika Business-Dept. Bldg.,
Jan, 1996 Opened office in Yamagata.
Jun, 1996 Opened office in Ichinoseki.
Oct, 1996 Started export business to Korea.
July, 1997 Applied "Toshiba TP90F, SANOU SYSTEM" as Interoffice Computor System.
Sep, 1997 Opened office in Kyoto.
Jan, 1999 Increased capital to 60(sixty) million Yen.
Mar, 1999 Started export business to Hong Kong.
Jan, 2000 Opened office in Nagoya
Jan, 2000 Opened office in Fukuoka
May, 2000 Started export business to Malaysia
Apr, 2002 Started export business to Canada
Jun, 2002 Opened office in Niigata
Dec, 2002 Opened office in Kagoshima
Mar, 2003 Introduction of the SANOU system of Cocktail
Oct, 2003 Started export business to England
Feb, 2004 Establish a Misato distribution center in Misato, Saitama
Aug, 2004 Opened office in Hiroshima
Jun, 2005 Opened office in Miyazaki
Sep, 2005 Opened office in Tendou
Oct, 2005 Opened office in Seoul
Jul, 2006 Opened office in Wakayama
Nov, 2006 Mr. Eiji Tanino, President, resigned.
Mr. Katsuyuki Tanino took up post of President.
Jun, 2007 Opened office in Higashi-Osaka
Jun, 2007 Business Expanding
Nagoya office has moved.
Dec, 2007 Opened office in Shizuoka
Jan, 2009 Opened office in Daitou-Osaka
Jan, 2010o Opened office in Beijing
Jan, 2011o Started office in Nagoya logistics
Jun, 2014o Started office in Aomori
Jul, 2014o Started office in Fukuokai
May, 2015o Headquarters moved to Kudanshita
Aug, 2015o Sales Div. moved to Sanou Katsushika Building
Oct, 2016o Headquarters moved to Nishi Azabu

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